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پنج‌شنبه 27 خرداد‌ماه سال 1389
هفته سپری شده!
یه چیزی تو مایه های هفته خود را چگونه سپری کردید واسه تمرین کلاس زبان داشتیم، منم چون حوصله نداشتم اون چیزی که تو ذهنمه فارسیشو دوباره بنویسم، همین انگلیسیشو بلغور شده می زارم اینجا!

That was an especial week not because of any world cup matches or blaring Vuvuzelas or any confederation against Iran! That was because of my last week of studying in university and using those university desks as a bachelor student.
That end was not happening only for me, except two of my close friends other five Amigos would finish their studying. We were seven close friends in university and we had so many memories among these 4 years, we all were dismal about ending of university time. so, like a remedy, we spent much more time in comparison of normal week and we tried to review our old memories ,as much as we could, while we were hanging out with each other. For instance, different stupid things we done across university classes, our cooperative camp, Ali’s father’s funeral, how any of us fell in love with a classmate, our appointments for playing soccer, how Amin tempt fate by his driving and had accident at last and we all went to police station with each other each day, and and and …

In spite of knowing that it is not something awful that we were abounding university, all of us complaining about its closure. We were not going to lose our friendship atmosphere, and we all believed that university closure is natural phenomenon, just as a confession we all say that besides friendship deprivation we are concern about new changes and feature. Each of us will have different job and life in any part of this planet and a real life is kicked off by the way, but the thing which is fact is we cannot withstand fate among life like the one which happened this week.  

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